Stew’s Legacy

Stew Simpson supported the North American Devon cattle breed and helped sustain the knowledge and wisdom gained over the centuries about the Devon Breed.

Gorgeous June morning at the Old River Farm

Gorgeous June morning at the Old River Farm


  1. Hi Stewart

    It was great chatting with you today. We can send you the property rights report that we did but we need your mailing address. Can you please send it to us?

    thx again

    Peter Holle

  2. Hello Mr. Simpson
    Here is a breakdown of the cows, with DOB, calving dates (approximates).

    They are all daughters of Harrier Fields Rex, he is registered with the North American Devon Association and with the American Milk Devon Association.
    Please go to website and look under dharmalea(our farm name) to see a picture of Rex.

    The list:

    Julliette dob 8-15-08 calved 9-3-12, will be short bred to Rex
    Vandella dob 5-14-09 due to calve in December 2012
    Marky dob 6-11-08 due to calve 12-11-12
    Sally dob 8-2-08 due to calve 1-3-13
    Garnet dob 6-8-08 due to calve 12-18-12
    Jerry dob 12-19-08 due to calve 1-30-13

    These cows are all bred back to Rex. They are all half blood Devon out of good commercial cows.

    I look forward to talking with you more about these cows-thank you-Paul Van Amburgh

  3. Hi Mr Simpson
    I have read alot about the northren devon being good on grass and i am interested in getting some of those genetics in my small herd. If you have any bull calves for sale I would be interested in talking to you.
    Thanks John Overeem

  4. Do you sell grass fed (and finished) beef to the public?? I’m having a hard time finding anything local!

  5. Hi Stew,
    Good to see you are thriving. We’ll be down over the holidays and will try to get out and visit and see your Devon cattle.
    Ruth and Ralph

  6. Hello Stewart:
    Enjoyed browsing your web site. Great pictures.
    Love, Lynn and Don

  7. Hello my name is Eugene Lewis i am looking to buy a bull and some heifers to start a herd . currently my wife Evelyn and myself raise grass feed beef on our farm in Alberta . phone #780-892-2475 .

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