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Stew Simpson's farm on the Thames - 6

21654 Simpson Road, Glencoe ( Strathburn), Southwest Middlesex, Ontario

Call Mary Simpson at simpsonma at or Ross Snider at (519) 870-8148



  1. Hi there. I am working on a project for Credit Valley Conservation to gather opinions from beef farmers across Ontario regarding their thoughts on the viability of a grassland bird friendly hay program. If you could spare a few minutes to complete a quick survey we would really appreciate your help in the effort to find practical ways to help turn around the dramatic declines in grassland birds.

    The survey is located at


    Duncan Bradley
    StratStats Research Services

  2. Are any of your cattle for sale? I am putting a herd together for my farm. Like what you are doing?

  3. Would love to talk to you. Please call me at 519 671-4172.

  4. I am interested in establishing a small herd of Devons (6 cow calf pairs and a long yearling bull) at my ranch in Alberta. Please contact me at your early convenience to discuss whether this might be possible.

  5. What a fascinating project! I had a good talk with Stew on the phone today. Interesting man. I really would like to buy some beef whenever you get up and running. I live in London, but I would gladly drive to Glencoe for the opportunity to buy your meat. I have a Bison supplier in St. Mary’s and an Elk supplier in Stratford, but I don’t have a grass-fed beef supplier, especially one as special as your operation.

    My wife is allergic to preservatives, so I go to great lengths to find wholesome foods wherever I can find them.

  6. Hello Dr. DuPerron,
    My telephone number is 519 671 4172. Call me anytime.


  7. Dear Mr Simpson,
    I just read the article published in the Western Producers and I am extremely interested by your production. If you have a moment, I would like to discuss about our federal program to protect the genetic diversity of the Canadian livestock. You can email me at Looking forward to discuss with you…

  8. Hello Mr. Simpson
    My wife and i are looking into changing genetics ,we raise grass feed beef and have read the article in small farms . i would like to talk with you about the breed and how to get started .

  9. Is your beef available to the general public to buy now ?

  10. Hi, Mary:

    I talked to Stew a few weeks ago and he told me that the beef is not for sale to the general public yet. Please let me know when it would be available. What a fascinating product.


  11. Hello Mr. Simpson, do you have any cattle for sale? If not, is there anyone in Eastern Ontario you know of that would have some for sale? They are beautiful cattle and we would like to raise grass fed beef but not with the ‘standard’ breeds. thank you,

  12. Hello Mr. Simpson. We have a small farm just outside of Lacombe AB. We are just starting up and have some purebred Galloway heifers. I was wondering if there were any Devon breeders in Alberta. We would be very interested in breeding them Devon.

  13. Looking say hi to Bill Duperron

  14. Hi Stew and Mary, in June 2016, the UK Devon Cattle Breeders Society is hosting the World Congress and Conference in the UK. There will be breeders from US, Brazil, N Z, Australia and it would be wonderful to have some Canadian delegates too. A two week tour visiting different Red Ruby Herds, interspersed with a trip to Prince of Wales Duchy Farm and Conference and dinner in Exeter with top quality speakers is being organised. All information will be live on the DCBS website – Red Ruby Devon UK – in a couple of weeks time. It would be really good if a group of you could attend! Best wishes, Caroline.

  15. Hello Dean,

    I just received your message of wanting to say hi — great to hear from you — it has been a while — I am now “retired” and working in the great outdoors much of the time out at the ranch — sold the racehorses and am now converting the ranch with a lot of new fencing to purebred — organically raised beef for next year.It will be an interesting project — always looking for opportunities and partnerships — I hope that all is well with you and the family — kindest regards — Bill

  16. Bill!!!

    Great to hear from you!!! Thank you for responding. Been trying to find you for a while but all my info was out of date.

    Things are great! We bought a number of apartment buildings in the Houston area and sold b4 the oil slide…plus got 30% lift on bringing USD$ back to Canada.

    We are working on a couple interesting projects…would love to catch up.

    Might I invite you to email at or call 604.341.8049.

  17. hi stew,
    jim lintott here , i live east of winnipeg and we have talked before..
    i’m interested in starting a pure bred herd here and would like to buy a bull calf from you if you have any for sale. i like to see them at this age ,6 to 12 months of age. if you don’t have a bull calf for sale i would consider a heifer calf as a start. 6 months to 2 yrs of age is good for me.
    please let me know what you have

  18. How do you like the Hustler bale feeder? Does it work well in our winters? Would you recommend one for field feeding? Thanks

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  20. Hi
    I am trying to reach Dr Bill Duperron, he posted to your website in 2014, I think he may have retired. I worked with him during the continuing competency structureing for the college of hearing aid practitioners of alberta. I am hoping you can email him my contact information and ask him to email me. I have need of speaking to him
    Thank you
    David Greenwood

  21. Hello David — please provide email address for me to contact you — Bill

  22. Mary,
    I am the daughter of John Moelker and I would love if you could email me so I could send you some photos of the offspring of bull 243
    Rachel Gibson
    Opoma Farms

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