Posted by: Mary Simpson | August 24, 2015

Stew Simpson and his beloved Devon

The last video we have of Stew.  He died Feb 22, 2016.  

August 24, 2015

Posted by: Mary Simpson | May 25, 2015

Calving Time

The first two calves of the year.   Looking good. Easy calving. Running like deer. Just a few days old.            

Posted by: Mary Simpson | December 28, 2014

Visit from the Dancey Family

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Wonderful photos of a visit from the Dancey’s.  We also had a taste testing of the table cloth pasture-finished Devon prepared by Rob Best.

Posted by: Mary Simpson | June 20, 2014

Rango, the bull, enjoys his home in Wooler, Ontario

Mary and Ross Snider stopped in to visit John and Connie Moelker’s farm to see how Rango is doing.  He bred 25 cows last year.  The farm’s goal is to “settle the Angus offspring down”.  The family was becoming frustrated by the high strung Angus herd behaviour.  They have to work hard at keeping the Angus cattle on the farm.  Fences have to be very strong.  And sometimes the Angus are just downright scary.  “They are all right until you have to handle them.”

Enter Rango.  The docile beast.  John found Stewart Simpson and his North Devon when he googled “gentle beef cows”. North American Devon came up.  The goal of the Old River Farm is to re-establish the North American Devon breed in Ontario, Canada.  So the North Devon bull #147 was immediately moved to the Wooler farm to introduce some genetic magic.  John says the Devon are great foragers.  Great walkers.  “The heifers strut, they walk fast.”

They are looking forward to trying the mixed breed beef finished on grass.  The grass fed Angus is too lean to finish on grass.  There is not enough marbling.  “Customers want tender beef, so they are not interested in grass fed Angus which are too lean and therefore tough.”  The North American Devon has more marbling, even finished on grass.

Daughter Rachel and her husband Brad market the Angus beef via word-of-mouth in Belleville.  You can order their Angus corn-finished quarters, halves, or wholes by phoning (613) 827-2530.  The meat is cut at Hayes Custom Cutting.

Mary Simpson pats Rango (despite almost having the experience of being gored by a bull in Nicaragua).  John and Connie Moelker love the docility of the North Devon breed.

Posted by: Mary Simpson | May 11, 2014

Pink is the New Brown



Stew hosts an “Taste the Devon” gathering featuring grass fed North Devon table cloth beef prepared by John Field.  John is an accomplished cook who knows his meat.  He is a passionate promoter of the North Devon pasture-fed beef but warns us that we will not enjoy this special beef if we insist on cooking it until it is brown.  “Pink is the new brown.”  Otherwise, this special beef gets tough.


Pam Killeen, explains why we need to eat grass fed beef from a nutritional point of view.

Mary Simpson

Posted by: Mary Simpson | April 25, 2014

Spreading compost on Old River Farm

Middlesex Farm Systems spreads compost on the Old River Farm. Stew’s commentary:

Posted by: Mary Simpson | April 23, 2014

Spreading Compost at the old Jim Simpson farm

Middlesex Farm Systems from Kerwood spread mushroom compost mixed with Spanish River Carbonatite at the Old River Farm on April 23, 2014. Charlie and son, Brian, Solomon spread a lot of compost quickly with their system that features a Fendt tractor.

Middlesex Farm Systems, Kerwood, Ontario. Call 519 247-3862

Posted by: Mary Simpson | February 26, 2014

Winter Feeding with the Hustler Bale Feeder

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Posted by: Mary Simpson | January 18, 2014

London Food and Wine Show

John Field and Stew Simpson rest after running out of Devon meat balls at the London Food and Wine Show.  John is the Old River Farm’s Devon promoter and was the hit of the food show after doing an interview with Pam Killeen on News/Talk 1290 CJBK radio a couple of days prior.  Not many farmers bother with the food show but the interest in grass fed beef was evident by the many visitors to the Devon booth.  Pam Killeen also helped out at the booth, answering questions about the health implications of grass fed beef.

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Posted by: Mary Simpson | January 16, 2014

Stew profiled on Radio CJBK prior to Food Show

Andy Oudman (1290 AM CJBK, London ON) and Pam Killeen interview John Field about  launching “Beef Beyond Belief”,  Old River Farm North Devon Cattle, from a grassfed herd produced by Stewart Simpson.

Click to : and scroll down to download the mp3 audio file.

Another sustainable farmer, and president of the Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada, Glenn Black, also joins the show to speak about the importance of pasture-raised foods. (January 16, 2014)

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